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The issue of Complément d’Inquête, broadcast this Thursday, February 25 on France 2, should cause a stir in Brittany. The magazine investigated Chinese espionage attempts in France, and particularly in the region.

“Brittany has certain arguments that interest the Chinese, particularly in the military field, with nuclear submarines that launch missiles based at Île Longue; the telecoms sector also, important in Brittany. And everything related to oceanography, where China is seeking to acquire more and more skills, ”said journalist Antoine Izambard, interviewed in the program Complément d’inquête, broadcast this Thursday, February 25 on France 2.

“Recurrent Chinese approaches”

The DGSI, the internal intelligence directorate, would take this file very seriously. In a note dating from 2018, revealed by the show, the agency wrote: ” Ifremer [à Plouzané, près de Brest] is the subject of recurrent Chinese approaches against the backdrop of expansionist inclinations in the China Sea ”.

Since 2008, a partnership has been established between the country and Ifremer, in order to pool certain knowledge. “This allows us to train Chinese students and, conversely, to train French students in the expertise that is mastered by our Chinese partner,” explains Karine Alain, microbiologist at Ifremer.

In 2019, the journalist Antoine Izambard already revealed in Le Télégramme that Brittany was a region “of great interest” to Chinese spies. “When, out of 30 doctoral students in a research laboratory at a Breton engineering school, ten are from China and all come from the Harbin Institute of Technology, administered by a government agency that designs and buys all the systems weapons of the People’s Liberation Army, there is reason to wonder, ”he explained to us.

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