IF Friends $59M At Global Box Office; Planet Of The Apes Rises To $238M

Refresh for latest…: After starting the anticipated offshore release at the John Krasinski site IF Last weekend, Paramount expanded the Imaginary Friends film to 56 more markets at the international box office during this session. The overseas setting was worth 20 million dollarsbringing international running to $24 million. With an initial domestic investment of $35 million, the global total is now $59 million.

Despite some hostile reviews, IF it’s hearing positive word of mouth that should make playability easier.

The film directed/written/produced by Krasinski saw a tremendous increase on Saturday compared to Friday in the majority of offshore majors. It opened at No. 1 UNITED KINGDOM with 3.2 million dollars, including previews. Staggered school holidays are being prepared. Mexico was a No. 2 start with $2.8 million; Australia grossed $2 million in a #1 launch; Germany raised $905,000 at No. 4 with a national holiday Monday and school holidays in progress; Spain was a No. 2 start at $850,000.

Other notable openings include Italy ($815,000/No. 1), Brazil ($735,000/No. 2), Korea ($480,000/No. 6), United Arab Emirates ($300,000 $/No. 3) and Poland ($265,000/No. 3). . 1).

France is the top market so far with $5.2 million after two frames. Greece and Norway will be released next week and Japan on June 14.

With their presence abroad, 20th Century Studios/Disney’s Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes added $40.6 million of 52 major markets at the international box office during the second session. Offshore cume is now $136.3 million For $237.5 million global.

If we consider the Friday/Saturday/Sunday framework, international supply is only 35% lower than last weekend’s opening (excluding China). On a similar basis, KPA showed significantly better resistance than Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (-41%), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (-43%) and War for the Planet of the Apes (-51%).

The most sensitive markets were Brazil (-21%), United Kingdom (-23%), Germany (-26%), Australia (-32%), Italy (-33%) ), Korea (-33%) and Spain (-36%). %). This film directed by Wes Ball is already the highest-grossing film in the franchise in Bulgaria, Turkey and Colombia. This framework remained the leading non-local title in all major European and Asian markets. It is still number 1 overall in Latin America.

Here are the Top 5 to date: China ($20.4 million), France ($13.8 million), Mexico ($12 million), UNITED KINGDOM ($10 million) and Korea ($5.8 million).

In IMAX, the total is $21.8 million worldwide.

Columbia Pictures/Alcon Entertainment The Garfield Movie continues to purr abroad with another $10.3 million from just 27 markets during the third frame and ahead of its national release next weekend. The take abroad was only -28% and the cumulative figure is $49 million. There is still 40% of the offshore footprint, including Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, France and Japan.

Universal The guy who falls just in time rolled towards another $7.2 million from 81 markets including $900,000 in its China beginning. Overseas cume is now $64.6 millionin accordance with The lost city at the same time of release. Globally, the Ryan Gosling/Emily Blunt starrer grossed $127.6 million nowadays.

The 5 main markets are: UNITED KINGDOM ($10.3 million), Australia ($7.6 million), Germany ($4.3 million), France ($4.2 million) and Mexico ($4 million).

Tarot (SNY): $5 million international weekend (52 markets); $14.5 million cumulative international/$30 million worldwide
Challengers (WB): $2.6 million for international weekend (61 markets); $35.2 million international cume/$78.7 million worldwide
Kung Fu Panda 4 (UNI): $1.7 million international weekend (82 markets); $340.8 million cumulative international/$533.4 million worldwide
Abigail (UNI): $1.3 million international weekend (77 markets); $14.2 million international cume/$39.8 million worldwide
Bob Marley: A love (PAR): $750,000 international weekend (Japan only/final market); $81.6 million international cume/$178.5 million worldwide
Back to black (UNI): $387,000 international weekend (41 universal markets); $6.1 million cumulative international/$9 million worldwide

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News Source : deadline.com


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