If Ben Johnson is waiting for a perfect situation, he could be waiting a while

Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson opted not to fill head coaching vacancies this year, in part because he wants to take more advantage of the sudden salad days in Detroit. Johnson’s recent comments also focused on the quality of vacancies he might be considered for.

Pointing to the eight head coaching positions that were filled earlier this year, Johnson said this: “I would say there’s a good chance five of them will lose their jobs in three years.”

That’s true for any year, frankly. Bad teams often stay bad. Good teams generally don’t change coaches. Currently, the only safe job would be in Kansas City, if/when Andy Reid retires.

Good luck getting this job. While Johnson would likely be a candidate if he’s available during the opener, there will be a land rush to Missouri if the opportunity to hitch someone’s coaching wagon to Patrick Mahomes presents itself A day.

“I’m not ready to go the other route yet,” Johnson said, “unless I feel really good about how this is going to play out.”

He pointed to ownership, staff and the ability to retain playing functions as key factors. He also said he had no doubt he was ready to be a head coach.

Either way, if Johnson is waiting for a perfect situation, he might wait a while. It’s rare, if ever, for teams in a perfect situation to look for a new coach.

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