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Ian Wright: Absence of Punishment for Online Abusers Discourages Further Disclosure of Hate and Discrimination on Social Media |  Football News

Former Premier League footballer Ian Wright has criticized the outcome of a court case in Ireland in which a teenager who admitted to racially assaulting him escaped conviction.

As part of its No Room For Racism campaign, the Premier League posted a series of videos on its Twitter account featuring Wright discussing his experience of racism with Alan Shearer.

The former Arsenal striker Wright has expressed frustration that the “horrific” abuse he received on social media from a teenager in Kerry went unpunished.

He hinted that the result had discouraged him from reporting further cases of racist abuse.

He said, “It is a regular occurrence just because there is no consequence for some of the actions of these people.

“They go to court. Like I say, this guy in Ireland, this judge let him go because it was a first offense, he comes from a decent family.

“I got teased by people who said, ‘This serves you well, you were trying to put a child away.’ Do you see what happened? Nothing happened.

In the video, Wright shows his Match Of The Day Shearer colleague the racial abuse he suffered that day on social media. Much of what is said is censored in the video.

A message sent to Wright stated “BLDM: Black Lives Don’t Matter”. He said, “It’s a daily thing. It’s today, it’s come today.

Wright was disappointed that an Irish teenager who admitted to racially assaulting him on social media escaped criminal conviction.

“Now people say why don’t you bring it back or why you don’t bring it back? I had to report the last one just because it was awful. This one is not too different.

Asked by Shearer if he had reported this example of abuse, Wright replies, “No. What’s the point?”

He added: “We’re going to try to kick this guy out, so what? He’s going to go through the courts.

“Until the powers that be do something to stop this, this guy, there are no consequences for him. He goes about his business now. We are talking about him, he probably doesn’t even know. that he did that. “

“I’ll probably have another one tomorrow or next week, just because I haven’t answered, but what are you doing? What are you doing?”

Wright said he didn’t want the County Kerry teenager to go to jail, but that there should be consequences.

He said, “I’m not saying I want him to go to jail. Community service, racism education, you know what I mean? That’s what you want.

“People say about education, people should know better, parents should know better. But they don’t know it. They don’t know any better.

“This guy, who did this today, why wouldn’t he do that, in his mind? Because he feels there are no consequences.”

Shearer comments that the language addressed to Wright is “disgusting”. Wright replies, “The thing about that is, Al, it makes you feel very dehumanized. You feel like nothing. You can’t do anything. You’re helpless.”

The videos were uploaded as part of a Premier League social media boycott, which started on Friday and will last until Monday.

The boycott, as part of the No Room For Racism campaign, calls on social media companies to do more to tackle online abuse.

Patrick O’Brien, 18, of Tralee, County Kerry, pleaded guilty to harassing Wright on May 11, 2020 and sending an extremely offensive, obscene and threatening message over the phone.

At a sentencing hearing in Tralee District Court in February, Judge David Waters said he “saw nothing to be gained” by passing a criminal conviction and handed O’Brien over to probation.

The judge criticized the “objectionable views and language” O’Brien put on social media, but said he appeared to have shown “genuine remorse.”

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