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‘I have lost over seven family members to gun violence in the past two years:’ Milwaukee activists and community members calling for peace

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) – On Saturday, May 1, the People’s Revolution, local activists and other community members held a peace march in the Sherman Park neighborhood.

It was a way of saying that they were aware of the increase in gun violence in the city.

“I have lost over seven family members to gun violence over the past two years,” said Shantel Carson. She is a member of All of Us or None Wisconsin.

The group set off from Sherman Park where a 17-year-old was shot dead a week ago.

“I just want the violence to stop, our communities weren’t like that.”

People say the city is in the middle of a crisis and they ask the politicians in Milwaukee to come to the table.

“Where is the mayor, where are the politicians, where is the alderman when the community needs him,” said Brandon Wilborn. He is a community activist.

Milwaukeeans say more activities and access to employment are two key factors in curbing violence.

“We need things in our community that can keep people from turning to crime,” Vaun Mayes told CBS 58. He is also a community leader.

While they hope to gain management support, they also say they are committed to the role they play in reducing gun violence.

“We have to take the time of our time, to kick the bar, to sit in the basement, to smoke something to take the time to go out and to go out in the street, to meet these young people”, Justin Blake said. He is Jacob Uncle of Blakes.

The Violence Prevention Office also distributed resource bags on Saturday in the community. He focused on areas that have been hit hard by the violence.

“Any community that needs healing, it needs presence, it needs the closeness of people who care about it,” said Derrick Rodgers. Rodgers is the director of 414 Life.

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