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“I Hate Alabama”: Nashville Native’s New Song Makes Waves

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) – A new song by a country music singer from Nashville is making waves across the country – especially with SEC football fans. Conner Smith is from Nashville and his latest song, “I Hate Alabama,” has gone viral.

The song really took off on Saturday night after the Alabama soccer team lost their first game since 2019. Smith says he wanted to release the song in time for the college football season, which is why he decided to release it. posted a short clip on social media. The attention it garnered prompted his label to decide to release it the following week, which happened just the day before the loss of Crimson Tide.

The lyrics to the song, “I hate Alabama, since 2006. They’ve got us every season, I wish I could say that’s the only reason I hate Alabama,” focuses on the losses. Tennessee Flights vs. Alabama. Smith is a die-hard UT fan and said inspiration was easy to find.

But the song itself isn’t all about football.

“The song is about football and is about how Alabama beats you every year, but at the end of the day the reason you hate Alabama is because that’s where you lost your daughter,” Smith said. . “It brings back memories. I use the analogy when you have a favorite song, but it’s related to your ex, it ruins the whole song. You don’t really hate Alabama, you just hate the memory.

Smith said a number of Alabama fans reached out to him when the song was released saying they liked it, but after the loss he definitely got a little more hatred of. from upset fans.

Smith now has another single called “Learn From It” which is on country radio. He’s also on tour right now, which includes a stop in Alabama. To learn more about Smith’s music, visit