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‘I am going crazy!’  Woman found snake on bathroom sink in new Florida home

You have heard of snakes on an airplane. But what about your bathroom vanity?

An Orlando woman got the fear of her life last week when she encountered a creepy robot in her new apartment. The reptile was not a surprise housewarming gift.

In a Facebook post on Friday by the woman’s neighbor Donny Simpson, a large snake is seen coiled up against the mirror above the sink, its tail wrapped around a bottle of soap.

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“This lady in my neighborhood found a royal python in her bathroom. Why can I never be so lucky, lol, ”the caption read.

Terrified resident Ali Skipper originally posted the photo to ask neighbors what to do about the four-footer.

“There is a snake in my bathroom on the 2nd floor !!! Who are we calling? I’m farting a cable !!! “reads the initial private message on a chat room that Simpson shared publicly.

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The unwanted guest was removed and moved, Skipper told local news station Fox 35, adding that she believed the snake had not just crept in from the outside, but was an abandoned pet of the previous resident.

“He’s been here for a few weeks,” she told The Reptile Media, known for its gentle temper and tendency to curl into a ball when stressed, hence the name.

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