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‘I almost dropped my f***ing tash’ – Tony Bellew outraged as campmate farts next to him on I’m a Celeb

It’s not just bugs and snakes that Tony Bellew has to face in the jungle during I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

But he also has to deal with his campmates’ farts, which he discovered while eating breakfast.


Bellew couldn’t believe it when Thompson farted right next to himCredit: X: @imacelebrity

As the former cruiserweight world champion sat next to former Made in Chelsea cast member Sam Thompson, the reality star let loose.

This shocked Bellew, as he stood up and said, “F*** Sam.”

Before Thompson quickly apologized, saying: “Sorry.”

And then Bellew joked, “I’m eating breakfast and you almost knocked my fucking skin off my face.”

When you’re on a rice and bean diet, this probably comes as no surprise.

This isn’t the first hilarious interaction Bellew has with Thompson on the show.

At one point, while the two men were talking, Thompson noticed a mosquito on Bellew’s face and slapped it to kill it.

Suddenly realizing that he had just hit a professional fighter and that it could be misinterpreted, Thompson quickly explained, “Mosquito, swear on my life,” while showing Bellew his hand.

“That was dangerous, I could have gotten punched there,” Thompson continued, as Bellew simply let out a sigh.

Thompson took a keen interest in Bellew’s jungle career, specifically asking what it was like fighting Oleksandr Usyk, by whom the Liverpudlian was knocked out in the eighth round of the final fight of his career in 2018.

“Obviously he’s amazing. I’ve fought stronger people, I’ve fought faster people, but I’ve never fought someone like him who has everything. He trains you,” Bellew said.

“It downloads what you do. It downloads all the data in front of it. It takes it three rounds to do it. With me, it took it eight. And then it does it, it pulls the trigger.

“But I was, like, exhausted. I remember everything until the seventh round. I don’t remember the eighth round.”


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