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Hunters, farmers, breeders: 5,000 demonstrators expected in Redon for the defense of the rural world – Brittany

In several cities in France, hunters are demonstrating this Saturday to defend ancestral practices but also a rural world that feels violated. At the call of the hunting federations of Pays de la Loire and Brittany, more than 5,000 demonstrators are expected in Redon. The start of the rally is scheduled for 10 a.m., near the racecourse, before a parade through the city center to the sub-prefecture.

Other events will take place in Amiens (Somme), Caen (Calvados), Orléans (Loiret), Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes), Forcalquier (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) and in Mont-de Marsan (Landes), which will undoubtedly be one of the most important with a minimum participation of 10,000 people.

Why they protest

“It is a decision of the Council of State relating to the use of devices (nets and cages) for hunting birds (larks and wood pigeons) which is at the origin of this event, very open to all. of a rural world which feels threatened “, explains Régis Hargues, director of the federation of hunters of the Landes.

“Hunters, breeders and farmers live daily in contact with this nature that they love and want to defend. They have always adapted to changes in society and reforms and they are always ready to do so. But today, they feel insulted, despised, flouted by the systematic questioning of customary practices, under the pretext of defending the environment, continues Régis Hargues. Will the ban on traditional hunting have an effect against global warming or the concreteization of the countryside? It is the tree that hides the forest. Attacks on ringing bells or the crowing rooster, it doesn’t make us laugh anymore. Fed up with lesson givers who claim to tell us what is right or wrong. It is an attack on our freedoms which are inalienable and constitutive of our DNA. “

“This kind of hunting is illegal”, according to LPO

“This decision of the Council of State is one of the last victories of the LPO (League for the protection of birds) because this kind of hunting is illegal and has already been banned at European level for decades”, rejoices, for his part, Pierre-Damien Masson, volunteer at LPO Bretagne.

“The cultural side of this type of hunting is no longer necessary, argues Pierre-Damien Masson. It is a big step forward that these hunts are prohibited because they mainly concerned endangered species ”. “It was therefore necessary to stop this kind of practice,” concludes the representative of LPO Bretagne.