Hundreds of coffee products recalled over concerns of botulism contamination

What a buzz kill.

Hundreds of canned coffee products have been recalled due to concerns of botulism contamination, the Food and Drug Administration reported this week.

The products are manufactured by Wisconsin-based Snapchill LLC, which is voluntarily recalling more than 250 products distributed across the country to various roasters and sellers, as well as sold to consumers online.

The FDA has raised concerns about canned coffee manufacturing practices, telling the Java Company that the agency was not informed – in accordance with regulations – about the low-acid method of producing the canned coffee. canned products. The manufacturing process poses a risk of growth and contamination of potentially deadly botulinum toxin.

A group of Snapchill LLC canned coffee products recalled due to potential botulinum toxin risk
Snapchill products are sold nationwide and online to customers. Facebook/Snapchill

Botulism, a type of food poisoning, can occur following ingestion of the toxin and produce symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, double vision, abdominal distension and distress, as well as difficulty to breathe, speak or swallow, according to the FDA.

Symptoms can appear between six hours and two weeks after exposure and require immediate medical attention, as botulism can be fatal if left untreated.

Although no illnesses linked to Snapchill coffee have been reported and the company is not aware of any contamination, a series of products have still been recalled due to the potential risk of illness.

The Post has contacted Snapchall LLC for comment.

A can of Snapchill LLC coffee beans recalled by the FDA due to concerns about the manufacturing process.
Canned coffee poses a risk of botulism poisoning. Instant cooling

The recalled products are sold in 7 oz to 12 oz metal cans at a number of retail locations under various brand names. To tell if a can of coffee was made by Snapchill, the can will say “Produced and distributed by Snapchill LLC” below the nutritional information panel on the package, according to the FDA.

Customers affected by the recall should either destroy the canned products or return them to Snapchill or wherever the products were purchased. The company is offering a refund to customers upon presentation of proof of purchase and a photo of the recalled products.

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