hundreds of Catholics pray outside churches in France – RT en français

Hundreds of Catholics gathered in front of cathedrals and churches in Paris, Toulouse and Bordeaux to demand the reopening of churches for masses.

Several gatherings of Catholics were held in France in front of the entrance to churches and cathedrals this Sunday, November 22, day of mass. In Paris, they were several dozen kneeling on the ground in front of the entrance to the Saint-Augustin church, in the 8th arrondissement, as can be seen in the images of our reporter Charles Baudry.

Mass is really essential because it is where we receive the sacrament

They were also several hundred, according to our reporter, in front of the entrance to the Saint-Sulpice church, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, to demand the lifting of the ban on public masses due to confinement.

“Mass is really essential because it is where we receive the sacrament, while praying, we can do from home,” explained Adeline, a faithful, at the microphone of our reporter.

Catholics were also several hundred in front of the cathedrals of Bordeaux and Toulouse to demand the return of mass in churches, prohibited during confinement. Kneeling in the shade of Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux, more than 300 faithful recited a rosary and sang songs and recitations of prayers during a static rally declared in the prefecture, under the watchful eye of a police presence discreet and between two banners “Give us back the mass” and “Stop the health dictatorship”.

On November 15, more than 300 Catholics had already met on the forecourt of Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux. Before the collective prayer, one of the organizers asked the faithful to reach out to move away from each other, in order to respect social distancing.

Also in Toulouse, a few hundred Catholics, many of them families with children, gathered in front of Saint-Etienne Cathedral for the second Sunday in a row.

On November 23, the government cautiously agreed to a resumption of religious ceremonies with the public from December 1, but on two conditions: compliance with a new health protocol in places of worship and a favorable development of the situation. epidemiological.

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