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Hulu’s Dopesick sheds new light on the opioid epidemic in the United States

“I think the answer to the question is: it is imperative that we find the time. It is imperative that we take charge of our bodies and our health,” he explained. “Because government is fallible and drug companies are driven by results. “

McDorman added that it’s not just disadvantaged communities that are affected by drug addiction. The Greek The actor said that prior to this project he would not have thought he could become addicted to OxyContin, but now, “when I am prescribed the drug, especially a pain reliever, my first thought is: I better be careful with that… It’s dangerous. “

In a way, Hoogenakker, Keaton and others joined the project in the hope of righting Big Pharma’s wrongs. Because, as Hoogenakker told E! News, entire communities have been “maligned in the service of pharmaceutical profits.”

The actor, who was born and raised in North Carolina, felt that people feel far removed from the opioid epidemic because drug addicts have been painted in such an extreme light. Beth macy, who wrote the book the series is based on, previously told CBS News: “During those early years, [pharmaceutical companies] have always blamed overdose deaths, soaring crime, especially in these distressed rural areas, on people who abused their drugs. “