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How will the “No Logo BZH” test festival take place in May near Saint-Malo – Brittany

1 What will be Prof. Pierre Tattevin’s mission?

He will be responsible for monitoring the health protocol planned during two weekends of festivals and concerts on May 8-9 and 15-16 at Fort Saint-Père (35) which mark the return of outdoor music in experimental form. Prof. Pierre Tattevin is an infectious disease specialist at Rennes University Hospital and is delighted with this project: “The most exciting of the start of the year”. In addition to the shows, there will be catering and also camping on site. The objective will therefore be to observe all the flows of people and their health consequences.

(Photo Pierre Tattevin)

2 How many festival-goers will participate and under what conditions?

4,000 festival-goers will be “recruited” including 2,000 for the first weekend and 2,000 others for the second. For the moment, there is no question of reserving participation to an age group. The scientific protocol will make it possible to identify possible contaminations and their factors. A specific app will be used to analyze the movements of infected festival-goers, if there are any, as well as to identify the places and times of transmission of the virus. To do this, Professor Tattevin is working with a team from the EHESP (École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique) specializing in digital technology, and who worked on the anti-covid-19 app. This scientific protocol can still be modified, or even refused, by the agencies to which it is currently subject.

3 What anti-covid tools will be available to festival-goers?

The approach consists in emphasizing the barrier gestures to be taken during the festival. Prevention actors will also be present on the site during the four days. A kit with the rules of common sense will also be distributed to festival-goers. Then, nasal-pharyngeal PCR tests will be carried out three times, on D + 1, D + 8 and D + 15. The goal: to follow the evolution of festival-goers’ health. It will therefore be a constraint for the latter who will have to accept this repeated testing. This scientific research protocol has been submitted to the authorities, including the National Agency for Research on Covid-19. Pr Tattevin and his team are meeting them next week.

4 What are the health goals?

Professor Tattevin believes that the rules imposed on the organization of shows were a little too rigid. He proposes to support the organizers and to support the resumption of the show. It assigns two objectives: “One: to secure the organization from a health point of view to ensure that there is no risk. Two: scientifically prove that the organization protocol is reliable ”.

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