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How to watch the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony on TV and online

What will Team USA be wearing for the opening ceremony?

Ralph Lauren is back to create a “classic all-American look” for athletes. According to a press release from the brand, Team USA will wear a navy blazer, striped t-shirts, printed scarves and more. The company also plans to incorporate several durable materials throughout the room. As for the closing ceremony, expect an entirely different outfit described as “a fresh and sporty all-American look.”

What can we expect from the opening ceremony?

While many details remain top secret, fans can expect the Parade of Nations to continue with social distancing. Greece, the country that created the Olympics, usually leads the parade, followed by the rest of the teams in alphabetical order, with the exception of the host nation at the back. This year, however, the parade will also honor the host countries of the upcoming games. As a result, France (host of the 2024 Summer Olympics) and the United States (host of the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics) will parade just ahead of Team Japan.

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