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How to watch La Liga in India: TV, live stream, fixtures & teams

With the La Liga 2020-21 campaign underway, behind closed doors, Goal tells you how to catch the action…

The 2020-21 La Liga season started on September 12 and set to end on May 23, 2021.

Real Madrid were held at Villarreal and Atletico Madrid (now second) trounced Barcelona in Matchday 10.

Zinedine Zidane and Ronald Koeman’s sides will be at home for their next encounter against Alaves and Osasuna, while Diego Simeone’s men travel to Valencia.

Meanwhile, Real Sociedad – with a clash against Villarreal coming up next – are on a eight-match winning streak in the La Liga. Here’s how to catch all the action Live.

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  1. How to watch La Liga in India
  2. Matchday 1 / September 12-14
  3. Matchday 2 / September 19-21
  4. Matchday 3 / September 26-28
  5. Matchday 4 / September 29-October 2
  6. Matchday 5 / October 3-5
  7. Matchday 6 / October 17-19
  8. Matchday 7 / October 24-27
  9. Matchday 8 / October 31-November 3
  10. Matchday 9 / November 7-9
  11. Matchday 10 / November 21-24
  12. Matchday 11 / November 28-December 1
  13. Matchday 12 / December 5-8  

Where to watch or stream the La Liga

La Liga in India is available to be streamed Live on  Facebook

La Liga fixtures

Matchday 1

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Sep 127:30pmEibar 0-0 Celta VigoFacebook
Sep 1210pmGranada 2-0 Athletic ClubFacebook
Sep 1312:30amCadiz 0-2 OsasunaFacebook
Sep 135:30pmAlaves 0-1 Real BetisFacebook
Sep 137:30pmValladolid 1-1 Real SociedadFacebook
Sep 1310pmVillarreal 1-1 HuescaFacebook
Sep 1412:30amValencia 4-2 LevanteFacebook
Jan 12TBDAtletico Madrid vs SevillaFacebook
TBDTBDBarcelona vs ElcheFacebook
TBDTBDReal Madrid vs GetafeFacebook

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Matchday 2

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Sep 197:30pmVillarreal 2-1 EibarFacebook
Sep 1910pmGetafe 1-0 OsasunaFacebook
Sep 2012:30amCelta Vigo 2-1 ValenciaFacebook
Sep 207:30pmHuesca 0-2 CadizFacebook
Sep 2010pmGranada 2-1 AlavesFacebook
Sep 2010pmReal Betis 2-0 ValladolidFacebook
Sep 2112:30amReal Sociedad 0-0  Real MadridFacebook
Jan 6TBDAthletic Club vs BarcelonaFacebook
TBDTBDLevante vs Atletico MadridFacebook
TBDTBDSevilla vs ElcheFacebook

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Matchday 3

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Sep 264:30pmAlaves 0-0 GetafeFacebook
Sep 267:30pmValencia 1-1 HuescaFacebook
Sep 2610pmElche 0-3 Real SociedadFacebook
Sep 2712:30amReal Betis 2-3  Real MadridFacebook
Sep 273:30pmOsasuna 1-3 LevanteFacebook
Sep 275:30pmEibar 1-2 Athletic ClubFacebook
Sep 277:30pmAtletico Madrid 6-1  GranadaFacebook
Sep 2710pmCadiz 1-3 SevillaFacebook
Sep 2710pmValladolid 1-1 Celta VigoFacebook
Sep 2812:30amBarcelona 4-0  VillarrealFacebook

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Matchday 4

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Sep 2910:30pmReal Sociedad 0-1 ValenciaFacebook
Sep 301amGetafe 3-0 Real BetisFacebook
Sep 3010:30pmHuesca 0-0  Atletico MadridFacebook
Sep 3010:30pmVillarreal 3-1 AlavesFacebook
Oct 11amEibar 0-1 ElcheFacebook
Oct 11amReal Madrid 1-0  ValladolidFacebook
Oct 110:30pmAthletic Club 0-1 CadizFacebook
Oct 110:30pmSevilla 1-0 LevanteFacebook
Oct 21amCelta Vigo 0-3  BarcelonaFacebook

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Matchday 5

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Oct 34:30pmValladolid 1-2 EibarFacebook
Oct 37:30pmAtletico Madrid 0-0  VillarrealFacebook
Oct 310pmElche 0-0 HuescaFacebook
Oct 310pmReal Sociedad 3-0 GetafeFacebook
Oct 412:30amValencia 0-2 Real BetisFacebook
Oct 43:30pmOsasuna 2-0 Celta VigoFacebook
Oct 45:30pmAlaves 1-0 Athletic ClubFacebook
Oct 47:30pmLevante 0-2  Real MadridFacebook
Oct 410pmCadiz 1-1 GranadaFacebook
Oct 512:30amBarcelona 1-1  SevillaFacebook

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Matchday 6

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Oct 174:30pmGranada 1-0 SevillaFacebook
Oct 177:30pmCelta Vigo 0-2  Atletico MadridFacebook
Oct 1710pmReal Madrid 0-1  CadizFacebook
Oct 1812:30amGetafe 1-0  BarcelonaFacebook
Oct 183:30pmEibar 0-0 OsasunaFacebook
Oct 185:30pmAthletic Club 2-0 LevanteFacebook
Oct 187:30pmVillarreal 2-1 ValenciaFacebook
Oct 1810pmHuesca 2-2 ValladolidFacebook
Oct 1810pmAlaves 0-2 ElcheFacebook
Oct 1912:30amReal Betis 0-3 Real SociedadFacebook

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Matchday 7

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Oct 2412:30amElche 2-1 ValenciaFacebook
Oct 244:30pmOsasuna 1-0 Athletic ClubFacebook
Oct 247:30pmBarcelona 1-3 Real MadridFacebook
Oct 2410pmSevilla 0-1 EibarFacebook
Oct 2512:30amAtletico Madrid 2-0 Real BetisFacebook
Oct 254:30pmValladolid 0-2 AlavesFacebook
Oct 258:30pmCadiz 0-0 VillarrealFacebook
Oct 2511pmGetafe 0-1 GranadaFacebook
Oct 261:30amReal Sociedad 4-1 HuescaFacebook
Oct 271:30amLevante 1-1 Celta VigoFacebook

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Matchday 8

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Oct 311:30amEibar 0-2 CadizFacebook
Oct 316:30pmReal Madrid  4-1 HuescaFacebook
Oct 318:45pmAthletic Club 2-1 SevillaFacebook
Oct 3111pmOsasuna  1-3 Atletico MadridFacebook
Nov 11:30amAlaves 1-1 BarcelonaFacebook
Nov 16:30pmReal Betis 3-1 ElcheFacebook
Nov 18:30pmCelta Vigo 1-4 Real SociedadFacebook
Nov 111pmGranada 1-1 LevanteFacebook
Nov 21:30amValencia 2-2 GetafeFacebook
Nov 31:30amVillarreal 2-0 ValladolidFacebook

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Matchday 9

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Nov 71:30amElche 1-1 Celta VigoFacebook
Nov 76:30pmHuesca 1-1 EibarFacebook
Nov 78:45pmBarcelona  5-2 Real BetisFacebook
Nov 711pmSevilla 1-0 OsasunaFacebook
Nov 81:30amAtletico Madrid  4-0 CadizFacebook
Nov 86:30pmGetafe 1-3 VillarrealFacebook
Nov 88:45pmReal Sociedad 2-0 GranadaFacebook
Nov 811pmLevante 1-1 AlavesFacebook
Nov 811pmValladolid 2-1 Athletic ClubFacebook
Nov 91:30amValencia 4-1 Real MadridFacebook

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Matchday 10

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Nov 211:30amOsasuna 1-1 HuescaFacebook
Nov 216:30pmLevante 1-1 ElcheFacebook
Nov 218:45pmVillarreal 1-1 Real MadridFacebook
Nov 2111pmSevilla 4-2 Celta VigoFacebook
Nov 221:30amAtletico Madrid 1-0 BarcelonaFacebook
Nov 226:30pmEibar 0-0 GetafeFacebook
Nov 228:45pmCadiz 0-1 Real SociedadFacebook
Nov 2211pmGranada 1-3 ValladolidFacebook
Nov 231:30amAlaves 2-2 ValenciaFacebook
Nov 241:30amAthletic Club 4-0 Real BetisFacebook

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Matchday 11

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Nov 281:30amValladolid 1-1 LevanteFacebook
Nov 286:30pmElche vs CadizFacebook
Nov 288:45pmValencia vs Atletico MadridFacebook
Nov 2811pmHuesca vs SevillaFacebook
Nov 291:30amReal Madrid vs AlavesFacebook
Nov 296:30pmBarcelona vs OsasunaFacebook
Nov 298:45pmGetafe vs Athletic ClubFacebook
Nov 2911pmCelta Vigo vs GranadaFacebook
Nov 301:30amReal Sociedad vs VillarrealFacebook
Dec 11:30am Real Betis vs EibarFacebook

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Matchday 12

DateTime (IST)MatchTV Channel/stream
Dec 51:30amAthletic Club vs Celta VigoFacebook
Dec 56:30pmLevante vs GetafeFacebook
Dec 58:45pmSevilla vs Real MadridFacebook
Dec 511pmAtletico Madrid vs ValladolidFacebook
Dec 61:30amCadiz vs BarcelonaFacebook
Dec 66:30pmGranada vs HuescaFacebook
Dec 68:45pmOsasuna vs Real BetisFacebook
Dec 611pmVillarreal vs ElcheFacebook
Dec 71:30amAlaves vs Real SociedadFacebook
Dec 81:30amEibar vs ValenciaFacebook

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