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How To Keep Pets Safe During the Solar Eclipse

As excitement builds for Monday’s national solar eclipse, humans won’t be the only ones to benefit from this rare phenomenon. So, are there any safety precautions to take for your pets during the solar eclipse?

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While experts have made it clear that the safest way to view the solar eclipse for humans is to wear special glasses to prevent vision loss when looking directly at the sun, pets do not do not need the same eye protection.

“There’s really no reason to worry about this,” Melanie Monteiro, a pet safety expert who teaches pet first aid classes and author of “The Safe-Dog Handbook: A Complete Guide to Protecting Your Dog, Indoor and Out,” told

“Dogs and cats don’t normally look at the sun, so you don’t need special eye protection for your pets.”

However, while it’s not normal for cats and dogs to stare at the sun, taking extra precautions certainly can’t hurt.

Pets and the eclipse

Do not try to get your pet to watch the eclipse, as this may damage their eyes. (Dogs and cats generally don’t look directly at the sun.)

Otherwise, there is no concrete data on anything dangerous for pets during a solar eclipse, Michael San Filippo, a spokesman for the American Veterinary Medical Association, told TODAY — although There have been stories of cows returning to the barns or chickens going to roost during the eclipse.

“Looking at the evidence from the past, there is no history of dogs showing up the day after an eclipse with animal blindness or anything like that,” he said.

Dr. Carly Fox, a veterinarian at Schwarzman Animal Medical Center, told the American Animal Hospital Association that she has never seen documented reports of eclipse-related eye damage in pets.

The biggest risk for pets during the solar eclipse is bringing them to a place crowded with people viewing the eclipse.

“I think when you talk about risks, that’s really what we’re most concerned about,” San Filippo said. “Are you going to be in a place where there are large crowds with a lot of people making noise, and how is your pet going to react to that? »

“We recommend keeping them at home for these kinds of events,” he added.

If you choose to take your pet to watch the eclipse, San Filippo and Monteiro both said it’s important to keep them on a leash.

“Pets influence our behavior so much, so if you’re outside with your dog watching the eclipse and you’re freaking out, your dog is probably not reacting to the eclipse. It’s a reaction to the way you behave,” San Filippo said.

Therefore, it is important that you remain calm if you bring your pet with you to view the eclipse, Fox advised, adding: “Animals are sensitive to our emotions and actions, so it is essential to stay calm.”

It may also be beneficial for your pet to try to keep him on the same schedule and have him do familiar activities to avoid stress, Fox said. And try walking your dog before the eclipse hits your area.

If you are traveling with your pet to view the eclipse, be aware that driving may take longer than expected due to the millions of people traveling to view the eclipse, so make sure you have enough supplies to keep your pet at ease. in the car.

And put your collar on your pet with your contact information and have a recent photo of your pet handy, in case he gets scared by the solar eclipse and tries to run away.

Is it safe for pets to stay outside during the eclipse?

“I would recommend that pet owners keep your pets indoors if possible and keep them confined the same way you would on the Fourth of July or other similar occasions,” Monteiro said. “If you have a pet that is normally sensitive to changes in the weather, they might be disturbed by the general mood as the temperature will drop and the sky will darken.”

San Filippo agreed that it’s best to keep pets at home indoors for events like a solar eclipse.

Signs of Eye Damage in Pets

Again, it is unlikely that your pet will suffer eye damage from the solar eclipse, as animals do not tend to look directly at the sun.

However, if you’re still concerned, Fox suggested watching for these signs of eye damage in pets:

  • Squint
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Changes in the appearance of the eye

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet in the days following the solar eclipse, contact your veterinarian.

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