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How to Highlight Your Business Goals in Your Next Video Campaign

Video campaigns are a powerful tool to market your business and products. Articulating your business goals attracts new customers and builds loyalty. Smart business owners have a strong vision, mission, and ambitious goals.

A great way of communicating with your customers is through video campaigns. Video campaigns reach potential customers who do not have a business relation with your company yet. A compelling business goal can convert them into repeat buyers. Every great business idea adds value to the customer. Bring it out in your video campaign.

Here are a few tips to highlight your business goals in your video campaigns.

Be Clear and Straightforward

Highlighting your business goal should be like painting a picture of a better world for your users. It may be clear to you because you set them, but it has to be clear to your customers. Sharing business goals makes it easy for people to understand the rationale of your decisions as a business leader. Your business goal must be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Use simple words to convey the message. 

Let the narration show your clarity of thought and conviction. Start with your vision and lead to the goals. Keep your goals specific, ambitious, and achievable. Draw your viewers in and make them believe in you. Be humble and speak directly to your audience. Do not complicate the message. Just say it the way it is. Simple messages have higher retention than those that are complex. Go for simplicity.

Like all videos created with a video maker, keep your message short and crisp. Convey your business goals with conviction. Look and sound confident. Pay attention to the fonts, graphics, colors, and music you use for the video campaign. Keep the mood inspirational and assertive. Represent your company culture and be humble and genuine.

Your business goals give direction to what your company will do, how it will earn, and how much it can. Give people the information they need to have to make buying decisions.

Be Genuine 

Think about why your customers care about your business goals. Build the narrative of what is in it to motivate them to listen to you. Keeping your business goal customer-centric is the easiest way to highlight it in your video. Make it about why they should care.

Be genuine when you do this. It is a good idea to have four perspectives to your business goal. Know the financial and customer benefits. This will balance profits for you and benefit for the customer. 

Then focus on organizational and process benefits. This will ensure you can deliver results consistently for a long period.

Be Inspirational

Even brilliant business ideas fail because they are not inspirational enough. When you draft your business goals, aim to be inspirational.  An easy way of learning to be inspirational is to hear great business leaders talk about their companies and goals. Imitate them.

Orient your mind for greatness and the greater good for the world. Inspiration begins there. Connect your financial business goals to how you want to make the world better. Articulate that. Not everyone is born with the ability to be inspirational. It is possible to acquire this and make your business goals shine with good observation and practice.

Keep It Short and Crisp

People have a short attention span on the internet. Video campaigns beyond 30 seconds see a high drop-off rate. Keep your campaign short. You have to keep everything mentioned above in mind to highlight your business goals. Add being concise to the list. 

It can be tough to pack so much in a few seconds, but it is achievable by keeping the message simple. 

A simple framework to keep your business goal short is by stating that you care for customer experience. Then explain why you care and follow up with what they can expect from you. This framework works well to highlight the company mission and business objectives in a relatable way.

Sound Confident

There is no bigger buzzkill than an under confident narrative. Be confident if you choose to be on your video campaign and speak about your business goals. Pay attention to what you are wearing, your body posture, and the modulation of your voice. Practice over and over to shake off-camera shyness and show determination and strength.

Using graphics and text to highlight your business goals, use an emphatic font. Carefully choose assertive music. Choose an energetic pace.

Represent Your Company Culture

Use every opportunity to speak about your product and business goals to represent your company culture. Let your business goal narrative reflect that if your company culture keeps being kind in the center of everything.

Let that shine when you highlight your business goals if you value pace and efficiency. If you value innovation over everything else, show how your product reflects that aspect of your culture.

Building a fun young culture, let that youthful spirit show in your video campaigns. However, be careful not to lose the seriousness of the company mission and business goals. 

Appear Vulnerable

Being vulnerable without looking weak is endearing. People relate to achievers who are not afraid to show they are not perfect. Showing vulnerability signals that you are humble. You are realistic, and you want to do better. 

There is a great example of how a new CEO of Dominos used this effectively in highlighting his business goals to the customers. Dominos was not a well-liked company. Patrick Doyle, the then CEO, embraced this and agreed his company’s pizzas were awful. He highlighted his business goal to make them better. Doyle worked hard to deliver on his promise, and the company’s fortunes turned. Being vulnerable can be a good thing if it is sincere, and you can keep your promises.


It is a great idea to highlight your business goals in your video campaign. Do not keep the business goal restricted to financial benefit to the company. Show how it is beneficial to the customers.

Keep all of these in mind, and you are well on your way to creating a great video campaign. 

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