How to Get a Virtual Debit Card Right Now • Benzinga

Tap to pay, contactless payment and virtual debit cards have become mainstream since 2015. Although this technology has been around for a few decades with physical cards, virtual debit cards on your smartphone are a preferred payment method for many. suppliers. This type of payment provides convenience for both the customer and the seller.

What is a virtual debit card?

A virtual debit card sits right on your smart device and can be accessed in your banking app or in your phone’s digital wallet. These cards can have 16-digit card numbers, a PIN, and the same security features as a physical card.

Think of these cards as the electronic versions of the plastic you normally carry around. On the one hand, it is extremely convenient not to have to carry a card. On the other hand, remember that you are completely dependent on your cell phone for your purchasing power.

Benefits of a virtual debit card

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual debit card is convenience. Most adults carry their smartphone everywhere, so having the ability to pay with your phone makes virtual cards one of the easiest ways to pay.

Most virtual cards offer the same fraud protections, locking capabilities, touch to pay, and security features as a physical card. A virtual card can also usually be replaced or renewed within minutes.

Benefits of virtual cards include:

  • Convenience — your card is always on your phone
  • Fraud Protection
  • Lock your card anytime
  • PIN code protection
  • Some offer face detection to verify payment
  • Tap to pay
  • Quick replacement

Temporary digital card numbers

A unique feature of a virtual debit card is that you can request a temporary card number specifically for online purchases. Many consumers simply prefer to store virtual cards in their mobile wallets. However, there are those who prefer to apply for a temporary card for specific online purchases. If the card number is somehow tricked or stolen, it cannot be used beyond this purchase.

Who should use a virtual debit card?

Anyone with a smartphone can use a virtual debit card. Most phones have a digital wall that can be opened through an app or through a set of quick actions that open the wallet. Forgot your purse or wallet at home? You can still shop at many national stores as well as independent stores. A virtual card is great for exercising indoors or outdoors, and it works just like your physical card with roundups, the ability to cash back, and more.


The best candidates for virtual debit cards are:

  • Travelers: There was a time when travelers checks were the best thing a traveler could carry as they could be replaced if lost or stolen. Carrying a debit card in today’s world gives thieves near instant access to your money as soon as they grab the card. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can connect to another device in moments, deactivate/block/cancel your card and instantly request a replacement.
  • Commuter workers: Commuters often stop for gas, drinks, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and more. Using your digital debit card to pay for random purchases is much easier than swiping your wallet around every place you visit.
  • Online buyers: There was a time when you couldn’t do all your shopping online, but you can literally do all your shopping digitally in today’s economy. Using a virtual debit card is much safer – as mentioned above – and helps you make purchases quickly without constantly walking around to grab your wallet or card.
  • Parents: It’s very easy to lose track of what you’re doing when traveling with kids, running errands, etc. Parents can easily lose their cards in a store when they put them down for a second, deal with a crisis involving their children, get back in the car, or go about their normal business. A virtual debit card avoids these problems.
  • Students: Students often don’t have a lot of money in their accounts, and a virtual debit card helps students stay connected to their mobile banking app and track their spending.

Digitizing your experience

Now that you’ve digitized your banking experience, remember that you can do all your financial transactions online. Using a virtual bank, digital bank, financial platform and more ensures that you always have access to your money. By digitizing your banking experience, you can:

  • Virtually manage your debit card
  • Send and accept payments online
  • Manage your investments online
  • Create an online savings or retirement account