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How To Get A $ 500 Loan Right Now • Benzinga

We have all experienced an unforeseen event that demands your financial attention. Unexpected medical bills for your pet or a break in a hot water tank happen all the time, and if you’re strapped for cash, a quick little personal loan might be just what you need. Find out more now.

Who is eligible for a $ 500 loan?

If you are looking for a small loan from a lender such as MoneyLion, you should know the necessary criteria to qualify. Many small lenders require you to link your personal bank account to your request. They will then scan your account for criteria, such as detectable income with recurring deposits and transactions and a positive account balance. Account must be in good standing and have been open for at least 60 days.

Once the lender has analyzed these stipulations, you will normally be notified whether or not you are approved for the loan. Note that with some lenders, unemployment, child support, and child support deposits are considered income. Your credit score and the repayment history of your past accounts can also dictate the type of loan a lender is willing to give you. It is wise to research different lenders because lenders may have different interest rates.

There are also a few steps you need to take before you start applying to lenders. First, get your credit score. Not only is this the key to getting the cash advance loan, it is also a good number to know for future applications like a car loan or mortgage. Second, most lenders allow you to see if you pre-qualify their offered loans without making a negative remark on your credit report. It is also important to obtain all the necessary documents when applying for a personal loan, whether online, from a credit union or a local bank.

Why do you need a $ 500 loan?

Life has a way of throwing obstacles or unexpected events in your path. While you might have a rock solid monthly budget, there is always the possibility that something unexpected will happen that throws an adjustable wrench into your monthly budget. Unexpected medical expenses such as a trip to the emergency room or mechanical work on a vehicle are events that a microcredit can take care of.

Where can you get a $ 500 loan?

There are 3 main options for a personal loan:

  • Credit unions: Local credit unions may offer personal loans with lower interest rates and more flexible terms than what is offered by other lenders. One thing to note is that sometimes local credit unions only ask those who are members to apply for a loan. In addition, credit unions are more likely to work with borrowers who have fair to bad credit.
  • Banks: There are a few large banks and financial institutions that offer personal loans, however, these tend to require more scrutiny for approval.
  • Online lenders: Online lenders provide a quick and convenient way to research, compare, and apply for the loan terms that best suit your unique financial situation. Most online creditors offer a prequalification process that normally occurs after a smooth credit check. Again, this is only an investigation and does not affect your credit in a positive or negative way. The credit check only happens when you press the submit button and apply for the loan. Some are aimed at high credit borrowers ranging from 690 to over 720, who offer high loan amounts and lower interest rates. Other lenders cater to borrowers of middle and lower credit, but the rates may be higher.