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How the proud family taught Kyla Pratt to love her voice

The proud family didn’t just teach its viewers to be loud and proud.

For the 20th anniversary of Disney Channel’s success, which premiered on September 15, 2001, Kyla pratt reflected on her time playing Principal Lady Penny Proud. As Pratt reminded us, she was just a young woman when she first lent her voice to the animated series and, thus, the experience influenced her identity.

“I hadn’t realized how much it shaped me,” she exclusively told E! News, “and also how my personality, you know, came through playing Penny. I think I always grew up confused about bullying people about certain things, because I was always like, ‘No! Stand up for yourself!’ And now, as an adult, I feel like a lot of it comes from, you know, helping to portray this character. “

In fact, playing Penny Proud taught Pratt to love a part of herself that she had previously struggled with: her voice.