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How the Olympic Village became known for its sexy getaways

It was kind of like a kid’s feeling in a candy store, admitted the US javelin thrower. Breaux Greer.

During his daily walks on the training grounds, “the girls are in panties and bras, the guys in their underwear, so you see what everyone is working with from the jump,” he said. he observed at ESPN. “Even though their face is a 7, their body is a 20.”

So while the shaggy-haired blonde didn’t rank higher than 12th in her three consecutive Olympic experiences, he certainly has Mark in Sydney, believing he was in the company of about three women a day, including an accomplished hurdler and pole vaulter, all of whom seemed to aim, as he put it, “to complete the Olympic training puzzle” .

Although many athletes are waiting after their events to participate in extracurricular activities, “others have workouts between workouts because they say sex actually helps them reach gold,” a source told the 2016 Games to E! New. And Greer was definitely on that side. “I was a happy man to come into competition,” he told ESPN. “If you find someone you love and who loves you, your world is complete for a second and you compete well.”

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