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How Parent Trap’s Elaine Hendrix felt about the age gap with Dennis

In Nick Parker’s words, “Wow, all of a sudden you’re so interested in math.”

Ahead of the 23rd anniversary of the beloved Disney remake, The parents trap, Elaine hendrix– who portrayed one of our favorite ’90s villains, Meredith Blake – revisited the set The parents trap like a real 26 year old face Dennis quaid. In the film, Dennis played Nick, a divorced father who is about to marry again, this time to Meredith, a 26-year-old publicist. If you’ve seen the movie, you know there’s an age difference with his preteen daughter, played by Lindsay Lohan, quickly notice.

As life imitated art more, the actor was also in his forties when the film was released. Coincidentally, in 2020, Dennis, then 66, got married Laura Savoie, 27.

Despite the nearly two decades between them during filming, Elaine told Insider that she thinks they have “tremendous chemistry.” In fact, it doesn’t appear that the large age gap is a problem. “One of the widespread differences between men and women is that boys mature later and girls mature earlier,” she told the website. “So I think I was sort of 26.”

In the end, she shared, “I think it worked out well.”

And while Meredith’s character was no ordinary 26-year-old, “How she was together and how ambitious she was,” said Elaine, “who I could definitely relate to.”

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