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How many hops are there in Brittany?

Three in Morbihan, two in Côtes-d’Armor, two in Finistère, one in Ille-et-Vilaine. Before 2018, hop fields were just a mirage in the Breton landscape. A question of culture: the production of craft beer waited until the 2010s to take off at the western tip (+ 170% from 2014 to 2018). A question of cultures too: hops, greedy in installation, fear humidity and fungi, which does not always agree with the Breton climate.

Despite this, the industry is emulating. Like the Finistère microbrewery D’istribilh. The small team of Plouider (29) is in its second hop plant. It went from Loperhet to Commana (on less than one hectare) and doubled its production in two years.

There is an explosive potential

Forerunner in Brélidy (22), near Guingamp, Antoine Fleury (Lezerzot hopper) is currently finishing its third hop harvest, on three hectares. “We think we have 600 kg of dry hops this year, which is twice as much as in 2020, despite a complicated weather forecast this summer. There is an explosive potential. We really hope for even better next year, ”explains the operator.

Coordinate the sector

In Bignan (56), Erwan Jouan, from Hangar à houblon, is already having “a very good year” on five hectares. Another project has also just seen the light of day, with the hops farm of Kerouzern in Sibiril (29). It now remains to coordinate this nascent sector: “We are starting to regroup, to be more efficient in the face of local demand and to pool our resources with, for example, the group acquisition of a mobile pelletizing machine”, concludes Antoine Fleury. The Houblon de l’Ouest economic and environmental interest group (GIEE) was created in 2019. “Now it only asks to federate. “