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How Lindsay Price and Alice Kim are helping the AAPI community speak out

Kim contacted her friend Lindsay Price. Price tells E! News that she and her husband, chef Curtis Stone, had faced similar fears and stress during the pandemic regarding her mother’s safety if she made her way to the local Korean market on her own.

Price shares: “Growing up, we weren’t encouraged to speak out or acknowledge racist comments for fear of giving them value.” To change this way of thinking, Lindsay and Alice created the hashtag #SpeakUpSpeakOut to allow the AAPI community to use their voice.

“Speaking to Lindsay about our experiences over the past year, we created the #SpeakUpSpeakOut collection to amplify the voice of AAPI while raising funds for an organization we both love, Heart of Dinner,” shares Kim. “We launched a collection of two sweatshirts with ‘Want to hear a story? To bring up the conversation, whether it’s to share your Asian experience or just to say that you support our AAPI initiative. “