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How Kim Kardashian feels as Kanye West drops the music of their split

Kim kardashian and Kanye westThe friendship of is much “stronger” than it was six months ago.

Following the reality TV star’s decision to divorce the rapper, multiple sources told E! News that Kim and Kanye were no longer on good terms. In March, an insider went so far as to say that Ye even changed his phone number, forcing exes to communicate only through their teams.

However, time heals all wounds, with a source close to the 40-year-old reality star now telling E! News: “Kim and Kanye are doing great now. Now that the pressure of marriage is released, they are on the same page as friends.”

The insider adds that Kim and Kanye’s communication and co-parenting dynamics are “much better” now that they have adjusted to their new normal. The source shares: “They reconnected a few months ago and have become friendly now.”

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