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How Jesse McCartney’s romance with Katie Peterson inspired new music

With a love like this, there’s no way Jesse mccartney soon is leaving the music industry.

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 15 years since the singer captivated fans with his single “Beautiful Soul”. But now at 34, the musician is engaged to Katie peterson, plan a wedding and release new, more personal music.

“I actually haven’t made a ton of albums considering how many years I’ve been around and actually had a lot of time between each,” Jesse explained in an exclusive interview with E! New. “I feel like life has to kind of go between each record in order to be able to write something special and new. And I think for me in this case, obviously, that was largely my relationship. with Katie and how that growth has affected me. and has affected my writing. “

The Dream street The member added, “In this album I touch on that a bit and how it went… I think overall, in terms of developing writing, when you’re younger you write down what you know and I just feel like I’m getting better because I know more things now than, say, when I was 16. I’ve had more relationships. I’ve seen how the world has been running a little longer than it did then. “

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