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How Founder Brings Global Corporate Security Industry Out of Dark Ages – TechCrunch

When Cory Siskind graduated, she was assigned a high-stakes position helping large multinational corporations manage their operational security in Mexico City, with almost no relevant lived experience. Eventually, she realized that this more or less aligned with the course in corporate security, which lagged behind other critical business services, like information security. .

The industry has always relied on recent graduates doing manual jobs like browsing local blogs and stories, and security industry veterans with contacts in the field to build a sort of “whisper network.” Of truth on the ground. These are obviously still valuable, but technological advancements mean that there are many other sources of information that can provide valuable information about the security situation in a particular country, region or even neighborhood, and Machine learning has advanced to the point where it can do much of the legwork needed to help analysts analyze data.

Cory tells us how she came to the conclusion that grassroots operations had to be built to bring modern technology to fill the capacity gap she saw in the way companies manage their global security footprint, and how she set out to acquire the skills necessary to build her startup as the sole founder. We’re talking about the challenges of fundraising in an area where most traditional VCs probably feel overwhelmed, and creating a sales operation that can handle large clients even very early in the life of your startup.

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