How does he do that? Watch This Dentist Hypnotize a Kid With Magic So Good Adults Will Be Impressed – Twitchy

Nobody likes going to the dentist. Absolutely no one. Not even dentists.

This dentist, however, has found a way to use his career as a magician to make things a little more fun for the naturally nervous children who come to his office.


Okay, look again.

Again…and now read everyone else’s comments, just as captivated as this adorable child.

Make a child remember your magic tricks more than the horrible teeth drilling. That’s talent!

Wait! This can be LEARNED? Be careful, children! Parents learn magic!



Of course, it helps to have an enthusiastic and absolutely adorable audience to keep your confidence up.

Some of the best things in life are pure and simple. It’s so nice to get away from the fighting and the craziness to remember that there are good people in this world and plenty of innocent smiles ready to light up at the simplest of magic tricks.

Well, maybe not simple.


Thanks for making this little boy’s tough dentist day a little easier, doc! Everyone can learn from this small act of kindness. It’s the little things, like stealing someone’s nose, that really make this world worth it!

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