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How Brooklyn Nine-Nine Said Goodbye

Of course, it all had to end with one last heist.

Brooklyn nine-nine said goodbye Thursday with one final installment of the annual Halloween heist, and it obviously had to be the most complicated and twisted heist of them all. Jacques (Andy Samberg) had decided to leave the compound to be a stay-at-home dad and had planned all the heists to be a goodbye to the team, with sentimental gifts for everyone. But at the same time, Holt (André Braugher) was preparing her own goodbye and Amy (Melissa Fumero) was preparing a surprise farewell party for Jake, turning it all into a chaotic, memory-filled mess that was ultimately won by none other than Hitchcock (Dagger Blocker). We couldn’t keep track of it, but it was perfect.

At the end, Terry (Terry crews) became the new captain of the Nine-Nine while Holt became deputy commissioner. Boyle (Joe lo truglio) found a new partner who was much more Boyle-ish, loving nicknames, but no one could let go, especially after Hitchcock’s victory. A year later, Jake, Rosa (Stephanie Béatriz), Amy and Gina all returned for another attempt to become the greatest human / detective / genius / champion of the Nine-Nine.