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How Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz ended up making great music

Not exactly the fairytale stuff, but nothing that couldn’t be topped with the right mix of honesty and romance, something that has proven to be a specialty for Swizz.

There was the time he got a tattoo of the likeness of Keys on his arm (“It’s so beautiful,” she said. Wendy williams, calling her his favorite gift) and, of course, the decision he made just before his 29th birthday in January 2010. Offering a seven-carat diamond, he took her to Hawaii to celebrate, then gave her another gift.

“I lifted the cardboard flaps and looked inside to see several large cans. ‘I always wanted you to be my canvas,’ he whispered. The cans were full of paint. bodily, in every vivid color imaginable, ”she shared in her autobiography. “Later, step by step in the shadow of the twilight, he made me his masterpiece, covering me in swirls of yellows, reds and purples. Never have I experienced anything more sensual. That’s why, when I missed my period a few weeks later, I wasn’t really surprised.As winter gave way to spring, we enjoyed two pleasures: engagement and pregnancy.

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