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Houston Police Find 90 Home, Federal Government Launches Human Trafficking Investigation

Officers were given a search warrant to enter a house after taking kidnapping advice Thursday night, Houston Deputy Police Chief Daryn Edwards said at a press conference on Friday.

There were over 90 people inside.

“They were all huddled together, split between two rooms, wearing basic clothes and not tied up,” Edwards said. “It was a big surprise when we entered the house and saw what we saw.

“It’s definitely more of a smuggling business than a smuggling business.”

According to Edwards, the youngest person found at the house is in her early 20s. All but five are men, he said.

Since some people were exhibiting Covid-19-like symptoms, including loss of taste and odor, the group is being kept at home and will undergo rapid testing.

The authorities brought them food and water, as they said they had not eaten for a while.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) will investigate contraband.

There is no information on who owns the house, or who may have brought the group there, according to Edwards. Neighbors did not report any suspicious activity and police did not disclose information about the kidnapping call that led to the discovery.

“We always ask the community if you see anything saying anything… we all have to work together,” Edwards said. “It’s not something we see often but it’s disturbing,” he added.


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