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Houses in Pennsylvania are on fire after man points gun at public official

A cluster of homes were set on fire after a man pointed his gun at an officer who arrived Thursday for a home inspection in Eagleville, Pa.

There was a “big response” to a building fire in Cardin Place and Sunderland Drive around noon local time, the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office confirmed to NBC News. One of the houses was completely ablaze on both floors, with flames visible through the roof, according to aerial footage from NBC Philadelphia.

The fire occurred after a code enforcement officer arrived at a home for a follow-up inspection and a man inside a residence flashed a gun, according to the Lower Providence Township Police Chief Mike Jackson. Police arrived shortly after the official was able to escape unscathed.

“When they arrived they hired the man outside the residence and he retreated inside,” Jackson said. “Very soon after, there were multiple loud explosions and the residence caught fire.” It is not known if the man is still inside the residence.

Authorities evacuated neighboring residences and firefighters began to fight the flames. The building was still on fire Thursday afternoon, according to Jackson.

One person suffered minor injuries and is being treated at a local hospital. At least three buildings were damaged in the street as a result of the explosions.

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