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House unveils package of bills to curb Silicon Valley giants

Under the bills, platforms would be prohibited from unfairly promoting their own products and buying from potential competitors. They would be required to create new interfaces that would make it easier for users or businesses to transfer to competing platforms. And the Justice Department or the Federal Trade Commission could take legal action to force tech giants to sell part of their business if they represent an “irreconcilable conflict of interest.”

Charlotte Slaiman of Public Knowledge described the package as “the most powerful tools we’ve seen introduced in Congress to deal with the power of Big Tech.”

“It’s a big deal. What is needed is more legislation on top of the big tech-focused antitrust laws, which it is, ”said Slaiman, a former FTC lawyer who now focuses on the politics of the FTC. competition for the public interest nonprofit organization. Public Knowledge receives funding from the top five platforms, the top three telecommunications operators and US publishers like News Corp., though it says it limits the size of corporate donations to ensure its independence.

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