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House Republicans clash with Pelosi over return of mask requirements

WASHINGTON – A number of House Republicans, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, are wrestling with Speaker Nancy Pelosi over returning a mask term to the House, protesting the requirement and even calling for its dismissal.

“He is not a speaker for America. He is a speaker only concerned with his own wealth, his own leadership and our own control,” McCarthy said at a press conference Thursday morning. “This is the people’s house, not Pelosi’s house.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week released new recommendations regarding growing concerns about the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus. The CDC has recommended the use of an indoor mask in areas of the country with high transmission rates after new data suggested that fully vaccinated people not only contract Covid-19, but could also infect them. ‘others.

Following the announcement, Congressional attending physician Dr Brian Monahan said in an alert to House members on Tuesday that people were required to wear masks again inside the chamber and on office buildings and during committee meetings.

This sparked an uproar among members of the House who have clashed for months over measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, a dispute over masks, distancing and vaccines that has reflected national divisions over measures necessary to stop the virus.

“Nancy Pelosi is not the law. It is tyranny,” Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., Said Thursday at a press conference held by members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. “It’s tyranny, and someone has to say something and do something.”

The group of lawmakers, in a united front, urged McCarthy, R-Calif., To call for the impeachment of Pelosi, D-Calif. Pelosi criticized House Republicans for not vaccinating enough members even though they have priority access to the shots.

Pelosi called McCarthy a “fool” on Wednesday after tweeting Tuesday night that the new term “is not a science-based decision, but a decision raised by representatives of the Liberal government who want to continue living in a state of crisis. perpetual pandemic ”.

Pelosi said: “It is the competence of the Capitol doctor, the official capacity, a warrant on his part. I have nothing to say about it except that we honor it.”

Over the week, Rep Kat Cammack, R-Fla., Shared a instantaneous a bulletin from the United States Capitol Police that warned that staff members and visitors could be arrested if they did not comply with the new rules. Cammack captioned the image starting with “In today’s edition of Pelosi’s abuse of power”.

Capitol Police later said in a statement that “there is no reason for anyone to be arrested.”

A spokesperson for the Capitol Police said the new rule is the same one that was in place the last time the House had a mask mandate and that the Constitution says members of Congress are exempt from certain arrests , such as those for illegal entry.

On Thursday evening, House Republicans were seen failing to comply with the latest requirement to wear masks on the floor and protest the mandate in walk to the Senate, where masks are not mandatory.

While the Senate has never implemented a mask warrant, unlike the House, the attending physician said in a separate letter to Senate officials Wednesday night that he recommended their members and employees wear masks to inside to align with the CDC recommendation.

Frank Thorp V contributed.

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