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Horrible assaults of the worst kind

March 3 – A gruesome scene involving torture and brutal assault during a very real nightmare for a family coming to life in their Elmore City area home is one of the worst cases ever seen by a County District Attorney in Garvin.

The fight for life or death has resulted in six charges of child abuse, assault and neglect against Mohamed Abdelrahman, 29, as last week he was held in Garvin County jail without bail .

Court documents show that they are all linked to Abdelrahman’s belief that his wife was having an affair, which led him to use a hot machete to torture his own five-year-old for information purposes and a aluminum baseball bat for repeatedly hitting the woman. .

Deputy Prosecutor Corey Miner filed the charges, who told the Democratic PV that the allegations against Abdelrahman were most brutal.

“It’s shocking,” Miner said. “This is probably one of the worst cases of abuse, physical violence, that I have ever seen.”

In an apparent fit of jealous rage over an alleged affair, Abdelrahman is accused of using a machete, bat and knife to assault his wife.

Specifically, documents accuse Abdelrahman of slitting the woman’s throat and face with the machete, beating her with the bat and using a knife to threaten her life.

The two counts at the top of the list relate to allegations that he heated the blade of the machete and held it at the feet of their young child for the purpose of torturing and extracting information about others. men who were on their way to the area residence while he was not. You’re here.

A child neglect charge also accuses Abdelrahman of committing all of these brutal acts while their three-year-old was present.

“It was the torture of a child to extract information,” Miner said, adding that the burns were so severe that they will require the child to undergo a skin graft.

“I can’t think of a reason to take a hot knife and place it on a child’s sole. It’s one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen.”

The various injuries suffered by the woman also fall into this shocking category for the local prosecutor.

“I have never seen this kind of bruising on a human being,” he said.

The incident leading to the criminal charges came on February 15 as this region and much of the country was gripped by a winter storm that brought several inches of snow and dangerously low temperatures.

Although the woman says she was prevented from calling 911, she was able to press the panic button on a home alarm to notify authorities.

Garvin County MPs arriving at the scene reported seeing the partially dressed woman without shoes or socks as she ran through snow and sub-zero temperatures due to the arctic storm.

Around the same time last week, when Abdelrahman was denied bail in this case, he also received a separate shooting with the intention of killing an incident-related charge in May 2019 when he was charged with using a pistol to shoot another man near Hickory and Bradley Streets in Pauls Valley.

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