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‘Home Improvement’ Actress Says Tim Allen Has Been Lying About a Reunion

Actress Patricia Richardson says there is no chance of reviving the hit 90s sitcom. Home Improvement with the original cast, despite what her former co-star Tim Allen says.

On the most recent episode of the pop culture podcast Back to Best, Richardson said she was never again interested in playing Jill Taylor, Allen’s on-screen wife and mother of three. Not only that, but she apparently found it really “weird” that he suggested she do it.

“It was so weird, I was hearing on Twitter or whatever, I was hearing that he was coming out publicly and saying stuff about how ‘everyone was on board’ to do a Home Improvement meeting, but he never asked me and he never asked Jonathan (Taylor Thomas),” she said. “He was lying to people and telling them I was on board and I didn’t know anything about it.”

In November, Allen told The Messenger that he was in talks with his on-screen sons about the possibility of a reunion. “It’s funny, one of the conversations we had recently was about how weird it would be if Home Improvement It would be about the kids, the kids,” Allen said. “Like they all have kids and I’m a grandparent. Home improvement or something. It happened.”

Richardson explained that she had never been asked to do a reunion, and if she did, she wouldn’t want to do it, because reuniting the cast would be impossible.

“I mean, Zach (Ty Bryan) is a criminal now. Taran (Noah Smith) hasn’t acted since he left the show, he’s no longer an actor. And Jonathan isn’t really interested in acting, he wants to direct and write. And we don’t have Wilson.

In February, Zachary Ty Bryan, who played Brad on the show, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. A few months earlier, Bryan pleaded guilty to felony assault charges, after being arrested for a second time for alleged domestic violence.

Any reunion would also be without Wilson’s character. Actor Earl Hindman, who played Taylor’s neighbor on the series, died in 2003.

“People think we can magically go back to where we were 30 years ago and do a show that was 30 years ago, and we’ve all changed a lot,” she said. “And the show would be very weird.”

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News Source : www.thedailybeast.com

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