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Holly Springs, Georgia officer killed, suspect shot dead after arrest

A police officer and the suspect he arrested both died after a traffic stop in a small town in Georgia turned violent, authorities said Thursday.

The incident took place in Holly Springs, a small rural community about 35 miles north of Atlanta, on Wednesday night when Officer Joe Burson, 25, stopped a speeding vehicle around 11 p.m. the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said at a press conference Thursday.

At some point during the shutdown, things got violent. Burson opened fire and shot dead the driver of the vehicle – Ansy Dolce, 29. Dolce left and dragged Burson, who ultimately killed him, said GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles.

It is not known in what order these events occurred or what happened to make the shutdown fatal. Authorities are investigating using footage from the officer’s on-board camera and body camera – which authorities say he was wearing.

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