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Hollande calls for the “honor” of Macron and the executive to withdraw the text – RT in French

“If there is honor, it must be found in the withdrawal of the text,” said the former President of the Republic, when asked about the comprehensive security law. He recalled that he himself had given up extending the deprivation of nationality in 2016.

In a video interview with the newspaper The mountain, published on Twitter on November 28, 2020, the former President of the Republic François Hollande commented on the mobilization around the Global Security Act. He estimated that “if there is honor, it must be found in the withdrawal of the text and not in its maintenance”, because “there is more honor to withdraw a text when it strikes the conscience and divides society only to maintain it ”. The former mayor of Tulle thus points to the risk “of creating incomprehension and violence”.

François Hollande recalls in this regard having “also been confronted with this type of decision, in particular with the deprivation of nationality”. Three days after the attacks of November 13, 2015, he had indeed wished to modify the Constitution to include the state of emergency regime and the extension of the deprivation of nationality to all dual nationals convicted of terrorism, even those born in France.

Hollande judges the debate on the law “badly started” and its legislative translation “as inappropriate as it is inappropriate”

This last measure had sparked heated debates and the resignation of the then Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira.

“When this question, which could appear as one of the answers to the terrorist crisis, divided, I preferred to withdraw the text”, underlined the former First Secretary of the Socialist Party, who had in fact renounced this measure on the 30th. March 2016. “When a music producer is molested in this way, when in a square – and not just any square, the Place de la République – there are clashes with violence, there must be behavior who change, ”François Hollande said, referring to music producer Michel Zecler, violently arrested by the police on November 21 in his recording studio.

“Citizens must be able to know that when there is unworthy behavior on the part of certain police officers, well there are sanctions and there are legal proceedings. On the other hand, when the police are themselves attacked […] there is the need to ensure their support, ”he added.

The predecessor of Emmanuel Macron considers the debate on the law “badly started” and its legislative translation “as inappropriate as it is inappropriate”. The controversy mainly concerns article 24 of the Comprehensive Security Act which establishes the criminalization of the “malicious” dissemination of images by law enforcement agencies. On November 28, demonstrations against the law – punctuated by numerous violence against the police in Paris – brought together 500,000 people according to the organizers, 133,000 according to the Ministry of the Interior.

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