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Holidays in Europe: how much does a PCR test cost at our neighbors?  – #Dataspot

Foreigners who come to spend a holiday in France this summer will have nothing to pay for perform a PCR test in France. This is what the French government decided, in order to encourage tourists to come and sunbathe with us. But the reverse is far from true.

The European Union failed to agree on free PCR tests across the Union, and even on a single price. Result: depending on the country, the price of a screening can vary from one to three times.

Up to € 250 in the UK

If since June 9, it is no longer mandatory to be tested when you are fully vaccinated and come back from a European country, this screening remains compulsory for French people over 11 years who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or returning from countries classified as “orange” and “red” (like UK and US).

Depending on where you spend your vacation, you will more or less have to put your hand in the wallet to return – to leave, it remains free if you do the screening in France.

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It will take from € 120 to € 180 to return from Switzerland, between € 120 and € 200 for Sweden and even up to € 250 for the United Kingdom, depending on the analytical laboratory chosen, the city and the location. screening (public / private). Spain, very popular with the French, asks for a minimum of € 60 to carry out such a health operation.

In all, ten countries require to pay more than a hundred euros to carry out a test. Not only because PCR tests have an analytical cost, but also to encourage populations to limit non-essential travel and risky behavior.

Partial refund

Note that Health Insurance covers a lump sum of 50 € maximum on PCR tests carried out outside the national territory, from the European Health Insurance Card: in EU countries, in the European Economic Area (Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Vatican) and in Switzerland, provided that the tests are “immediately necessary”. Elsewhere, only “medical, urgent and unexpected” screenings will be covered, up to 27% of the price.

If you want to leave and pay nothing, you will have to favor Norway, Denmark, Malta or Montenegro which have made the choice, like France, to offer screening. A choice that should weigh later on the finances of social protection organizations, but which, for the time being, aims to put no barrier to the detection of the coronavirus.

Vaccinated people will only need to present a simple vaccination certificate (integrated into the European health pass) from their TousAntiCovid application to cross the borders of the Union.

The information in this article is as of June 9, 2021. It is subject to change over the weeks.

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