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Holey Moley gets romantic in the pouring rain in new clip

Holey Moley “Holey Moley” Exclusivity: Proposal on Greena Exclusive “Holey Moley”: Proposal on Green

A lucky couple are about to have a Holey wedding in earnest.

In a new clip from the premiere of ABC’s hit mini-golf Holey moley, a man named Adrien proves that he really understood. When he sees his girlfriend Katie put the ball in the hole (like you are supposed to do in mini golf), he also doesn’t put his ball in the hole. This allows his girlfriend to win the round, telling her that he better get her a ring as big as the one that spins on the wedding-themed course.

After missing his own shot, he reveals that while he didn’t jump for a ring like the one she just requested, he did get her a much smaller ring. There on the Holey moley Of course, in the pouring rain, Adrian asks Katie to marry him, much to the crowd and commentators’ delight. Rob riggle and Joe tessitor.

“She kicked his ass and then she said yes,” Joe says as the couple jump into the water. “They will take the plunge together.”

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