Hoda Kotb Jokes Gavin Rossdale Has a ‘Type’ With Gwen Stefani Lookalike GF


Hoda Kotb does not hold back from sharing his thoughts on Gavin Rossdale‘s new relationship with his girlfriend, Xhoana Xheneti.

“It’s so interesting. So he makes headlines. So why is he making headlines? Well, you know, he was famous for being married to Gwen Stefani for 13 years,” Kotb, 59, explained on the Monday, May 13 episode of Today with Hoda and Jennabefore instructing the viewers and his co-host, Jenna Bush Hagerto close your eyes.

A photo of Rossdale, 58, and Xheneti embracing appeared on screen as Kotb exclaimed: “What? In one snap, Xheneti showed a striking resemblance to Stefani, 54, with her platinum blonde hair, facial features and bright red lips.

“I said to myself: “Poor Blake(Shelton)” Kotb said of his reaction after seeing the photo, referring to Stefani’s husband, 47. “That’s what I thought for a second. For a second. They look exactly the same. He has a type.

Gavin Rossdale and girlfriend Xhoana Xhenetis' relationship timeline

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Gavin Rossdale has found a second chance at love with his girlfriend Xhoana Xheneti. Rossdale made things Instagram official with Xheneti in March 2024, despite hooking up months before. “Hey finally had a birthday dinner with my girlfriend @xhoana_x, here’s to a magical year for you,” Rossdale wrote in the caption of a selfie of the two (…)

Bush Hager, 42, acknowledges that Xheneti and Stefani share several similarities. “But for a guy to look like an identical twin, and dress the same, lipstick, hair, all that.” Kotb added: “It would be a little weird.”

Bush Hager noted that if an ex began a relationship with someone who resembled her former partner, she would find the situation “flattering.”

Hoda Kotb teases Gavin Rossdale for having a guy with Gwen Stefani Xhoana 045
Courtesy of Xhoana X/Instagram

“I think you have to think, ‘I’m the one who got away,'” Bush Hager said. “What all girls think and it’s usually not true.”

Rossdale made his relationship with Xheneti Instagram official in March 2024, years after Stefani filed for divorce in 2015. Stefani, for her part, has since remarried Shelton.

As for whether Kotb had her own type when it came to men, she noted that she used to — but that’s not the case anymore.

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Hoda Kotb doesn’t let breakups stop her from having fun and finding love again. “Life is beautiful. Try things, get out, get out of your house and your apartment,” Kotb told Entertainment Tonight in March 2024. “I feel like life is meant to be lived and (you should ) enter it.

“I liked a little Omar Sharif. Like, that kind of suave. And then I continued to change. I love athletes no matter what they look like,” Kotb said, to which Bush Hager responded, “I’m asking you because I’m still trying to find you someone. So athletes, no matter what they look like?

Kotb confirmed this was true and added, “And I like someone who has strong morals… like Henri (Hager), Besides. You have a wonderful husband.

Kotb, for her part, recently shared that she went on a third date with a mystery man two years after splitting from her ex-fiancé. Joel Schiffman.

“I think it was just kind of fun to talk about something that wasn’t kids or work,” she said on the Friday, May 10, episode. The Drew Barrymore Show. It was just life, and I missed it. And he’s really handsome.

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