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Hiro Capital invests $ 2.3 million in team sports tracking platform PlayerData – just like Sir Terry Leahy – TechCrunch

Hiro Capital has gradually made a name for itself as an investor in the field known as “Digital Sports” or DSports for short films. He has now led a $ 2.3 million fundraising round in PlayerData. Although the round may seem small, the area it is in is large and growing. Sir Terry Leahy, former CEO of Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, is also investing in the cycle.

PlayerData, based in Edinburgh, UK, uses wearable technology and tracking software to give grassroots and pro sports teams feedback on their training. It can, for example, allow coaches to replay key moments in a game, even modeling different outcomes based on player positioning.

This is Hiro Capital’s fourth DSports and “connected fitness” investment, and it joins Zwift, FitXR and NURVV. Hiro has also invested in eight game startups in the UK, US and Europe, as befitting the legacy of co-founder and partner Ian Livingstone, OBE, CBE, who is the publisher’s former chairman. from Tomb Raider Eidos plc and full game pioneer.

PlayerData claims to have captured over 10,000 team sessions across football and rugby in the UK, and recorded over 50 million yards of play. It also has strong network effects, he says. Whenever a new team meets one using the Playerdata platform, it spawns 5 additional clubs as users.

Roy Hotrabhvanon is co-founder and CEO of PlayerData, and is a former world-level archer. He is joined by Hayden Ball, Co-Founder and CTO, an expert in firmware and cloud infrastructure.

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In a statement, Hotrabhvanon said: “Our mission is to bring detailed data and information to team sports clubs, helping them to boost their game creation, improve player performance and prevent injury. … Our ultimate goal is to implement cutting edge information. from pioneering wearable devices applicable to any team in any discipline at any level. “

Cherry Freeman, co-founder of Hiro, says: “PlayerData ticks all of our key boxes: a huge TAM with over 3 million grassroots clubs; a deep divide built on shared player data, machine learning and highly actionable predictive algorithms; convincing customer network effects; and a truly impressive yet humble founding team.

The PlayerData news is part of a larger growth in digital sports, which includes such prominent names as Peloton, Tonal, Mirror, as well as Hiro’s wallet investment, Zwift. With the pandemic emphasizing both home training and general health, the fascination with digital performance measurement now has a growing grip on the industry.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Freeman added, “We think there’s something like 3 million teams that are potential customers for PlayerData. Obviously the number of runners is huge, and they only need a small slice of that market to have a very, very big business. At the end of the day, everyone, everyone is training, even if you’re just walking around, so the target market is huge and they started out as running, but their technology is applicable to a whole host of others. sports.

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