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Hilarie Burton recalls Pete Wentz’s inappropriate OTH story


A hill with trees fans: Remember when Pete Wentz guest-star as himself in three episodes of season three between 2005 and 2006? Well like Hilarie burton pointed out in a new interview, it wasn’t such a big role. “Poor Pete. Pete really thought he was just coming on the show to play like a cool guy,” said the actress, who played pilot’s Peyton Sawyer in season six, said People. “And the next thing you know, he looks like he’s having an affair with a high school girl.”

“It’s forever now on TV,” she added frankly. “You are not allowed to take a backsie this one.”

But, as Burton explained, it wasn’t as easy to see how inappropriate the script was behind the scenes. “I don’t think he realized our characters were in high school because we were all in our twenties in real life,” the 38-year-old star explained. “And so it wasn’t until I looked back at him that I was like, ‘Oh, there’s a lot of innuendo here. I thought we were just kissing buddies, but this looks bad in the edit. ‘”

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