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Hiker uses a beach ball as a shield against a black bear in the Alaskan wilderness

A man was hiking with his wife and friends in Alaska last week when they encountered a black bear and used a beach ball as a shield.

Niels Green was hiking the Tonsina Trail at Lowell Point State Recreation Site near Seward on Thursday when his wife, Regina called ‘bear’ and he saw his dog Hunter walk past him across the bridge, reported Craig Medred .

Green came face to face with an adult black bear and only had a beach ball for defense.

“I turned around, and it was about two yards,” he said, reported Craig Medred. “He never looked at me. I just kept putting the ball in his face.

Sarah Wallner, who was also on a hike, was maimed by a grizzly bear in 2007, but this time she and Regina managed to jump across the bridge railing to avoid the bear, Alaska Public Media reported .

“Oh not yet. It’s not happening,” Wallner reminded the outlet. “Like, it’s not supposed to happen again.”

Meanwhile, Green continued to use the beach ball “as a tampon” for two minutes before Regina grabbed the bear mace from her backpack and handed it to Green, who sprayed the bear, according to the report. publication. The bear left after that.

Regina posted an article about the incident to a community group in Seward on Facebook, warning others about the bear.

“Bear on Tonsina loaded the dog onto the deck with us. Not afraid of people. It took a spotted bear in his face for him to leave, ”she wrote on Thursday.

Other hikers have reported seeing black bears on the trail.

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