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Highway Patrol Concludes Investigation into Kansas City Police Shooting of Malcolm Johnson

The investigation into the shooting of Malcolm Johnson by the Kansas City police is over, the Missouri State Highway Patrol announced Thursday.

The file has been sent to highway patrol officials in Jefferson City as part of the agency’s chain of command and will then be forwarded to the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office. No timeline has been set on when this would happen, said Sgt. William Lowe, spokesperson for the highway patrol.

“We have put together all the facts and evidence that we have so far,” Lowe said. “The investigation, in theory, is not over until the prosecutor’s office rules.”

A Kansas City police officer shot dead Johnson, 31, at a gas station on 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue on March 25.

His death sparked anger earlier this month when a group of religious leaders released surveillance footage they said showed Johnson was being held when he was shot and contradicts police accounts of the encounter .

Khadijah Hardaway, a spokeswoman for the family, said Thursday they were happy the investigation was completed, but remained pessimistic that the officers involved would be held accountable.

“Continuing to lie and wanting to tell the community what happened, or even educate us about the process, which is a horrible feeling,” Hardaway said Thursday. “It’s really clear that this young man was face down in these three videos, and he was executed.”

The family and others have asked the US Department of Justice to investigate the shooting as well as other practices and models of the Kansas City Police Department.

“I don’t believe there will necessarily be any honesty from that,” Hardaway said. “So the idea of ​​transparency to us looks like the same old, the same old, happening everywhere. The idea that we should lie down and believe this and continue through the process is madness. “

The two-minute and 28-second video shows two officers approaching a man identified by religious leaders as Johnson, who was standing at the counter. Weapons drawn, the police immediately catch him.

A struggle takes place and more and more officers try to keep him on the ground. The camera angle only shows the man’s feet as the confrontation continues. The video ends as an officer who appears to have a leg injury is rushed out of the store.

Highway Patrol said officers attempted to stop Johnson when “a fight, a fight ensued”. The patrol said Johnson pulled out a handgun and shot one of the officers in the leg as two other officers arrived at the scene to assist with the arrest.

The injured officer retaliated, fatally injuring Johnson.

With the exception of the officer who was injured, all of the officers involved in the shooting are on duty, said Sgt. Jacob Becchina, police spokesperson. The injured officer remains on sick leave.

Highway Patrol did not disclose details of the officer who killed Johnson.

When the video was released, Reverend Emanuel Cleaver III of St. James United Methodist Church said all officers should be fired and charged.

Johnson’s death sparked another round of calls for police reform by community groups and activists in the region.

Other videos have also surfaced, one of which appears to have been captured by a store employee.

Jackson County District Attorney Jean Peters Baker said his office had received videos of witnesses and community members for review. Baker said his office would determine if there were any discrepancies between the original account of the shooting and the actual evidence.

Hardaway said the three videos that were turned over to authorities provide ample evidence for Baker’s office to immediately lay criminal charges against the officers.

“So the question for John remains why haven’t you done it yet and what needs to be done by the community for you to do it,” she said.

Johnson was wanted by police in a March 15 shooting in which a bullet grazed the foot of a man in a house in the 9700 block of East 43rd Street.

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