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Colleges tend to have more sophisticated Covid-19 protocols than high schools, so they’re safer places for gamers, Williams said.

Many players register early for a professional career.

Durugordon, a 6-7 forward from Queens, spent the fall semester at Putnam Science Academy in Connecticut before registering early at Missouri. He’s going to redshirt this season.

“My goal has always been to make the NBA as early as possible,” he said, “and while I’ll be red for the rest of the season, I just felt like I got on the as soon as possible will help me develop my game, improve yourself, get stronger and faster with all the great resources they have. “

Like Nesbitt of Memphis and Jones of Rutgers, Durugordon will have a leg up on any rookies or transfers who join the Missouri program next fall. Some college coaches explicitly encourage players to register early to gain an edge over the competition.

“Because the year in college doesn’t affect their NCAA clock, you can easily persuade, and I don’t mean pressure, kids,” Brewster Academy coach Jason Smith said. “One of my players told me by a college coach,When the music stops, you want to make sure you have a chair. And I said to my assistant, ‘He’s at Brewster Academy. I think he’s going to have a chair. “

The rosters will be crowded next season, with some teams carrying more than 13 players depending on how many seniors return. Jones will be competing for playing time at Rutgers with returning players. It is possible that the entire list will come back. In Memphis, Nesbitt will be looking to beat the older players for playing time.

Some believe that competition within teams will result in more transfers.

“Next year I see huge changes in terms of transfers,” said Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim. “The fourth or fifth man can go now because he doesn’t get enough hits. You’re going to have to recruit all year, all summer, the guys will go and think about leaving.

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