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” He’s going home !  – Jurgen Klopp lookalike celebrates at Wembley after England beat Germany

The viral video that went around after England beat Germany at Euro 2021 (3 million+ views) got most of us watching a couple of times wondering: this doesn’t couldn’t be Liverpool’s head coach on the shoulders of beer-drinking fans and celebrate England’s victory over their native Germany?

The double take is partly attributed to what we’ve seen of Klopp since joining Liverpool. The gregarious manager is known for his straightforward and down to earth personality and he has let his hair down in celebrations with Liverpool fans in the past.

Turns out in this case, it was a lookalike who just happens to be the spitting image of the Liverpool boss.

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Go viral on social media for a music video in which he was captured sipping a can of beer and bellowing the terrace anthem of Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds Three Lions, Goal takes a look at who the mystery man might be.

Who is Jurgen Klopp’s lookalike at Euro 2020?

Not Jurgen Klopp, that’s for sure. The identity of the doppelganger remains unanswered the morning after the Three Lions triumph, with several still adamant that it is the Reds boss himself.

Considering the presence of all the club badges and his activities with the English supporters, it is unlikely that the German, if present, would have come dressed in this manner.

However, as to who was behind the iconic baseball cap and beard, the matter remains shrouded in mystery – although speculation points to a man who claims to be the best manager lookalike in the world.

Has anyone been fooled by the Jurgen Klopp lookalike?

With the exception of those at Wembley Way, entire swathes of the internet also appear to have been taken into account by the presence of fake-Klopps, including British television during the day.

the ITV breakfast program Lorraine presented a segment with reporter Jonathan Swain reporting on the lookalike’s presence, only to suggest the man in question was the real deal.

As to whether this was an elaborate joke or a true misunderstanding, it’s hard to decipher – but if so, they’re far from the only ones being fooled by the presence. of the impostor.

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