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Heroin trafficking: who is this mafia clan arrested in Rennes and Saint-Malo?  – Rennes

A month of March on the hats of wheels. The sleuths of the Rennes Research Section were very busy last month. Not only were they on the front lines of the incredible investigation into the murder of Magali Blandin, probably murdered by her husband, but in addition, on March 29, they dropped a large network of drug traffickers who supplied Brittany. A great deal that will have an impact, at least for a while, on the quantities of heroin available in the Rennes capital.

“The two and a half years of investigation have enabled us to establish that this small mafia on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Albania sent at least 10 kg of heroin several times a month to Rennes and Saint-Malo, explains a relative. of the investigation. The drugs seized were very pure. It is believed that chemists could cut it six to eight times ”.

800,000 euros in monthly turnover

Bought around 22,000 euros in the Netherlands, a kilo of heroin is estimated for resale at 40,000 euros. At a rate of at least 20 kg per month, that’s 800,000 euros in monthly turnover… All over several years. “It’s criminal capitalism where everyone has a specific role,” explains Florian Manet, commander of the Rennes research section. A real SME with a transporter, a banker, a chemist, a mechanic. The whole with a clan functioning very difficult to infiltrate where the conversations are made via encrypted telephones, where the protagonists change car constantly… ”

The head of the clan arrested

At the head of this traffic, Armando K., a 47-year-old Albanian, well known to the police and gendarmerie. Sentenced for the first time in 2003 to thirty months in prison, then in 2008 to six years in prison, this Rennais who arrived in France in 1997 a few years after the fall of communism risks this time a “double-digit sentence”. Around him his extended family. Between Rennes and Saint-Malo, fourteen people aged 19 to 57 were arrested. All are of Albanian nationality. Three other former “Albanians of Rennes” were arrested in the Nice region.

During the searches, narcotics including 2.5 kilograms of heroin, 60 kilograms of cutting products, more than 50,000 euros in cash and four handguns with their ammunition were discovered. Two vehicles intended to transport the illicit substances were also seized.

The investigations were able to rely in parallel on international cooperation, in particular with the Dutch authorities, as well as with the European agency specialized in the fight against crime Europol to prove that the Albanians were getting supplies in the Netherlands. , especially with Turks who control a large part of the heroin trafficking in this country., Six of them were remanded in custody and four under judicial supervision.

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