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Hero officer uses bag of chips and duct tape to rescue stabbing victim in Harlem
HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) – An NYPD officer is hailed as a hero for using a bag of crisps and duct tape to rescue a stabbed victim who was bleeding profusely.

The incident happened at the corner of 125th Street and Malcom X Boulevard in Harlem on July 7.

“We knew right away that we had to seal the chest,” Kennedy said. “With a sting there, we didn’t want the air to come in and collapse her lung.”

Body camera footage shows Constable Ronald Kennedy screaming for someone to bring him a bag of chips before asking two people to help him lay the victim on his back.

“He said to me, ‘Go into the store, get me a bag of crisps,’ said Ricardo Gonzalez, a passerby.

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Kennedy then asked Officer David Galindez to cut the tape.

“I trusted Ron knew,” said Galindez. “He had previous EMT experience. I knew it was going to work.”

Kennedy then used the tape to secure the bag to the wound.

“The effect was immediate and noticeable,” said NYPD agent Matthew Grieve. “As soon as Ron finished putting that bandage in there, that bag of crisps, we noticed it right away, a drastic improvement in his condition.”

This stopped the bleeding enough to keep the victim alive until an ambulance arrived, and paramedics quickly removed this seal.

The victim was rushed to Harlem hospital and is still recovering, with medics later saying Kennedy’s quick thinking likely saved the victim’s life.

“It worked really well,” Kennedy said. “We made the right calls at the right time, and we’re really happy with the way it went.”

About an hour after the incident, Constable Galindez grabbed the suspect around the corner and recovered the knife used for the stabbing.

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