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Here’s the real reason Britney Spears just turned off her Instagram

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Yeah, Britney spears just deactivated her Instagram account, and it already looks like the crowd is saying “Gimme more”.

As the pop star grapples with her “abusive” tutelage, fans have relied on her constant stream of cryptic messages, dance videos and even topless photos to provide insight into her condition. Of course, Instagram is also how she lets the world know she’s engaged to a fitness expert. Sam asghari Sunday September 12.

Now the main lifeline for fans is gone in the blink of an eye. She posts much less frequently on her Twitter and Facebook accounts (although they are still active, the most recent posts are from July).

His followers quickly began to wonder if his Instagram disabling was a “good or bad sign” for his well-being.

Well, a source told E! News that “nothing should be understood” in her choice to leave Instagram.